11 aug. 2014 — 306 Mya arenaria 1 Familj Myidae. 251 Venus puerpera 1 Familj Veneridae. 1844 Venus mercenaria 1 Familj Classification. Fauna OU 136 


Mya arenaria is commonly known by a number of names including the Softshell Clam, Gaper, Steamer, Longneck, and Nanny-nose. It is a circumboreal species with a native range including the Western Atlantic (Labrador, Canada to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina) and the Northwest Pacific (the Bering Sea, Russia to the Yellow Sea, China).

DIN: Deutsches Institut  12 mars 2020 — Snabbfakta: Green Crab Classification tillväxt och överlevnad av ungdomar i mjukskalmusslan, Mya arenaria L., vid flera rumsliga skalor. taxonid (Dyntaxas kod), och motsvarande taxa enligt freshwaterecology-info:s taxonomi, samt taxonomisk 445, 218290, -9999, Mya arenaria, -9999, -, -9999. Mya arenaria. Bivalvia. Alitta succinea.

Mya arenaria taxonomy

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Dataset. GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Rank. SPECIES. Published in. Linnæus, Carolus.

Mya arenaria; YPM IZ 060074; North America; Atlantic Ocean; Gulf of Maine; Cape Cod Bay; USA; Massachusetts; Plymouth County; Plymouth, Center Hill Point; 4 mi.

Aegialia arenaria F. Tjøme, (Sanda), 2415 -64 og 1417 -65. Noen få dyr om man med metoder inom numerisk taxonomi (Sneath & Sokal. 1962) borjar 

SPECIES. Published in. Linnæus, Carolus. 1758.

Mya arenaria taxonomy

Overall Approach to the Classification of Ecological. Status and Ecological Potential. A botanical classification of standing waters in Brit- Mya arenaria. 3​,48.

Mya arenaria taxonomy

Classification. kingdom. Animalia. phylum. Taxonomy: Mya arenaria is this species original name and is almost exclusively used currently. However, the taxonomic history of this species includes many synonyms, overlapping descriptions, and/or subspecies (e.g.

Mya arenaria taxonomy

26. Spetsig målarmussla. Unio tumidus. 696. 17. Östersjömussla Limecola balthica.
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Mya arenaria Linnaeus, 1758 (Strandgaper); Mya baxteri Coan & Valentich-Scott, 1997; Mya pseudoarenaria Schlesch, 1931 Mya arenaria - Sand Gaper. Author: Jiří Novák. Contributions to BioLib.

Overall Approach to the Classification of Ecological. Status and Ecological Potential. A botanical classification of standing waters in Brit- Mya arenaria. 3​,48.
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The soft-shell clam Mya arenaria is one of the most ancient invaders of European coasts and is present in many coastal ecosystems, yet little is known about its genetic structure in Europe. We collected 266 samples spanning a latitudinal cline from the Mediterranean to the North Sea and genotyped them at 12 microsatellite loci. In parallel, geometric morphometric analysis of shell outlines was

This species attains a maximum shell length of about 15 cm (10-11 in the Chesapeake Bay), with an oval, elongated shell ranging from white to dark grey in color. Mya arenaria sp. corbuloides Comfort, 1938 Dataset GBIF Backbone Taxonomy Rank SPECIES Classification kingdom However ''M. arenaria'' originated in the Pacific Ocean during the Miocene. It extended its range in the early Pliocene to the Atlantic, including European waters. The Pacific and European populations became extinct some time in the early Pleistocene, leaving only the Northwest Atlantic population, which subsequently spread via humans to its Taxonomy Notice that each bivalve species has three parts to its name. Consider the name Mercenaria mercenaria (Linnaeus, 1758) : The first word (Mercenaria) is the genus name — it is always capitalized and italicized.